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This trip to Barcelona wasn’t my first. I had spent a few days there just after college when I was working in London. However, I only spent two nights and...

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The morning after losing the passports we packed up our stuff in a jiffy and took a cab to the US Embassy where we were soon engaged in a 4...

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We just spent a month in Spain and I want to write down as much as I can before I forget it. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve travelled...

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My friend and I attended this event on February 18th. We missed the march and joined the rally at City Hall in downtown LA. It was a much smaller crowd...

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We started out at my sister’s house. My niece had a day off of work so we grabbed her and headed to South Street. The last time I’d been there...

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This is so cute. There are many variations on Pinterest. I think the original idea came from the Free People blog which is worth looking at. I had these animals...

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Last fall when I heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge I claimed to have felt bullied into donating since I didn’t want to make a spectacle of myself on Facebook....

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After 20 years in the Castro, my dad decided to leave for a flatter, easier life. St. Allison met me in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago to help...

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We braced ourselves for the start of kinder this year. After all, we knew how pre-school had gone two years prior. She only cried every day for 1.5 years of...

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It’s getting HOT and making pasta every night is killing me. I’ve been trying to branch out to more salads now that it’s summer. This is a really tasty dish...

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Gaggle of girls

The Hennums came to town for Memorial Day weekend & somehow talked us into a 3 night camping trip on the Central Coast. Holy cow! This was quite an undertaking but totally worth every bit of effort. Poor G and Tim – talk about outnumbered…

The first night before camping!



This was a pretty little path near our campsite where both Liana & I narrowly avoided stepping on a SNAKE the next day during a run. I don’t like snakes.

Surprisingly, Maddie didn’t like eating marshmallows.

Happy hour!

Tiny ridge above our site.

Roughing it

Silly yoga instructors in Cambria

Down dog!


Tim took the Jive out for a little paddle on the flat water.

Tortured tot

Burying Siena

Our site

Maddie’s bed

Bea’s bed


Girl’s hike (sorry Root Beer)

Siena styled her mom’s hair

We had so much fun & can’t wait to see the Hennums again!



This is over 4 minutes of your life you’ll never get back but Maddie makes it worthwhile with some funny lines!


Check Box Here

Today Maddie got a package from Dad’s friend, Jane. Inside were two books and a card. The card was so sweet, original & thoughtful I had to share it. (Just click on the pix to see them up close!)

You open the card to find:

Poor Maddie wanted to look at it more but I was so afraid it’d be either ripped in half, written over or lost under the couch, I grabbed it and saved it to show G. Tomorrow I’ll let her check the box that says she already has “Madeline & the Gypsies” although she’ll tell you otherwise.


We ain’t none of us getting any younger…

or smaller…

I’m still looking for the six months pic. Also, you can tell we lost our nice camera and are now, by eight months, using our waterproof camera. Classy!

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