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How to Make Limp Celery Stiff

What??? What is wrong with you people? You need to wash your sick minds out with soap!

How many times have you bought celery (I keep typing “salary” by accident), used 2 pieces, a few days later gone back to use another few pieces only to find it limp as a three dollar bill? (Huh? 3 dollar bill? Why did that come to mind?) This happens to me all the time and I end up tossing it into the compost. Last time I thought about that fun “science” lab we did in elementary school in which you put a stick of celery into a cup of red water, another in a cup of blue water and leave it. The next day one stick is red and the other is, you guessed it: blue! Since the celery is obviously drinking the water, I wondered if such treatment might not improve its weary condition. Only one way to find out. I stuck my limp, sad, pathetic celery into a large vase of water and put it on the counter. A few hours later, firm celery, the way we like it! You can keep it in the fridge for a couple of days in the water. But not too long or it will get grody.

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