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When Life Gives you (too many) Lemons

Make lemon ice cubes!

Here’s what you need:

lemons (duh!)
a sharp knife
a mesh strainer
an ice cube tray or two
a freezer safe container to store your cubes

Lemons, lemons…lemons,,,,,lemons_____lemons!!!! I love juicy lemons!!!

1. Squeeze your lemons.
Talk about a hand cramp!

2. Strain out the seeds over an ice cube tray.

3. Freeze.

4. Store in a freezer safe container.

I’m not sure this is the best storage method – I’d love to hear other opinions on this???

5. Drop ‘em in any drink to which you’d would normally add a lemon slice (iced tea, diet coke, sparkling water etc). OR let them melt & use for cooking/baking when lemons aren’t in season. YUM!

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2 comments on When Life Gives you (too many) Lemons

  1. Nina
    April 20, 2012 at 4:21 pm (2968 days ago)

    Wow, are these from your very own lemon tree? (California is still the promised land except for cost of living, natural disasters, dreadful government, taxes… ;! ) Sooo Ggorgeous and so saucily colorful. I heart citrus…

  2. Christina
    April 20, 2012 at 4:51 pm (2968 days ago)

    They’re from the next door neighbor’s tree! She had bags of them in her kitchen. I kept going over to fetch more & more.

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