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How to ID a bad egg

Have you ever started baking something using the eggs in your fridge only to discover the “Sell by” date was a month prior? What do you do? Use them? Toss them?

There’s a way to test your eggs for freshness!

Here’s what you do:

Place eggs in a bowl. Cover with regular tap water. There should be enough water that another egg would fit on top of each egg and they would still be covered in water.

Now observe your eggs:
1. Really fresh eggs will lie down on their sides, longways.
2. Eggs that are still OK will stand up on the small pointy tip.
3. Bad eggs will float.

When I tried this, mine stood on their tips:

Those pictures are sort of useless. But anyway – it’s an easy test. I also saved the styrofoam egg crate to use as a jewelry sorter.

Happy Hump Day! Stay tuned for more lemon recipes…

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