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Handprint Picture Frame

I saw variations of this idea all over Pinterest & the internet(s). This is a really cute, relatively easy gift.

What I used:

- Matte (from Michael’s) – $4.99
- Picture frame (from Michael’s 50%-off sale $14.99 each)
- Photo print (from iPhoto) $.50
- Paint (gift!)

It ended up being just over $20 for a really beautiful & heartfelt gift. And I’m sure you can do it much more cheaply than I did…

When the baby was napping, M and I went out back. I poured silver-dollared size blobs of the five different paint colors, each on a different plate. Next to the table I had a bucket of water & an old towel for hand rinsing between colors. I only brought out ONE color at a time and let M smush her hand in it all over the plate. I put all three mattes (I planned on making 3 of these for gifts) on the table. First we did pink. I let her practice pressing her hand down on a piece of scrap paper first so she understood what we were doing. Then I had her press her hand in the pink and PRESS, PRESS, PRESS stamp all three mattes in the same spot. Very factory-like. When she was done, I moved the pink paint away, she washed her hands in the bucket & dried them with the towel. I then brought over the next color.

After they dry – the fun part. Assembly!

This is the one I made G for Father’s Day.

Photo taken by Tempting Weddings (click picture for link!)

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  1. Libby
    July 20, 2012 at 6:55 pm (2870 days ago)

    Ok, where the hell is MINE??? lol Love this idea… :)

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