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Weekly Green::Line Drying Diapers

I’m going to try to post ONE green deed a week. Does this mean I’m only doing one green thing? Nosiree but it means I’m only taking the time to highlite one. Also, it’ll hopefully be a new one each week that will add to what I’m already doing. We can’t ignore the fact that the population will be hitting (or has hit) 7 billion this month (Oct. 2011.) Guess what it was when I was born? 3 billion. Holy schmoly! I don’t know how the planet can support this.

Here’s one small thing I’m doing today: line drying my cloth diapers which saves a good deal of electricity.

Note: I was discussing clothes lines with my friend who is from Sweden. She said her mom always line-dried all their clothes in the basement. ALL YEAR. I mean even in the winter time. Line drying diapers does not require sun or heat. You can dry them in your garage or even in your house/apt. I leave them indoors sometimes at night and they are almost dry by morning.

On really hot days I go crazy and put all the laundry out in the backyard but since I don’t have a space to line dry them indoors I resort to the dryer. I still hang bras/panties & jeans on the rack indoors though.

Some people don’t like the crunchy feeling of line-dried towels. I get that but some items are fine! Line drying will actually extend the life of your underwear/bras & jeans. If you spend a lot on jeans or love a particular pair of jeans, they will hold up much better if you spare them the dryer!

What is your Weekly Green? I look forward to hearing from you below…

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