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Check Box Here

Today Maddie got a package from Dad’s friend, Jane. Inside were two books and a card. The card was so sweet, original & thoughtful I had to share it. (Just click on the pix to see them up close!)

You open the card to find:

Poor Maddie wanted to look at it more but I was so afraid it’d be either ripped in half, written over or lost under the couch, I grabbed it and saved it to show G. Tomorrow I’ll let her check the box that says she already has “Madeline & the Gypsies” although she’ll tell you otherwise.

We ain’t none of us getting any younger…

or smaller…

I’m still looking for the six months pic. Also, you can tell we lost our nice camera and are now, by eight months, using our waterproof camera. Classy!

Mama’s Day

This was our first Mother’s Day with TWO beautiful girls. Whadda day!! The girls brought me breaky in bed,

a bundle of flowers & a beautiful card they had made.

A great friend of mine came by with a gift for me – a hand made apron!! Thank you, Rebecca! I have been dying to get an apron to wear as I practice my domestic arts in the kitchen. Beautiful!

Some of us got dressed & they took me out to dinner at Chan Dara where they let me have anything I liked.


I thought about my beloved mom, DebJ

and my most wonderful mother-in-law, Patsy

and felt really grateful to have had and still have these women in my life!

Halloween 2010

I’m pulling some old stuff from our video camera. Here is Halloween 2010, better late than never. Maddie had just turned 2 and Bea was only 2 months old, and dressed as a Bumbebee.