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Funny Faces

Who says TV isn’t educational? Maddie learned these faces after watching “Yo Gabba Gabba” 5,000,000 times.


Maddie likes to use a pin’t (what you call a pen.) Only she likes to use it anywhere but on paper. Auto-tattooing ranks high on her list of fave spots.

Memorial Day Weekend

We thought taking Maddie & Root Beer up to The Capri Hotel in Ojai was a no brainer: warm weather, a grass dog yard, two pools, what more could you want? WRONG. Maddie found the unheated pool to be too “hot,” the crib apparently uncomfortable. Why else would she awake shrieking every 15 minutes? Maddie can’t be blamed for everything as the weekend started out rough when G worked from about 10AM Friday until 5:30AM Saturday. Let’s just say he wasn’t in tip top shape for the trip.

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