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Alphabet Wall & Book Bags for Kids

Our friend Katarina made this for her son’s room. So cute! Stay tuned – I’ll attempt my own version with a how-to posting in the near future…(with her counsel of course.)

She got the letters from Michael’s & JoAnne’s Fabrics. Then she applied the patterns to them & stuck them to the wall with double sided tape.

While we were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the wall, we noticed some little bags hanging on a hook. Book bags! She took The Hungry Caterpillar and made a bag of what they call “realia” (real stuff) to give her son a richer understanding of the story as well as some additional tactile and visual related stimuli. This is soooooo cool!! (And cute!) Would you buy this if it were sold on Etsy? I would!

First, you got this little caterpillar. He’s hungry. VERY hungry.

He eats through a whole lot of stuff!

And gets BIG!

Builds his cocoon and turns into a BEAUTIFUL


Katarina: you rock!

Bea had nothing to do with this but she DID like this box.

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